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Reset, Go!

This new year's morning I woke up with a slap of reality. I had a crazy dream about work, and in that dream when I returned to work on the 3rd they gave me a letter and relieved me of my duties. I was fired. I reacted so strongly to it, and at the same time had so much love for everyone I had worked with, even the people who I dreamed up and that I have never met in my life. The reality of this dream is that I am only working as a temporary employee, and I do have so much love and appreciation for the people that I work with. I know that the day will come when my work is done, or I no longer fit into a budget plan, but I didn't expect to become so attached. It will be hard for me.

This brings me to the following list. I spent all of December blogging about moments and people in 2010 that have made my year for me, but I forgot to reflect on all of the things in 2010 that I had started to take for granted, and in all reality they are each a blessing. So here it is, a list of a few things that I am I so grate for to have experienced in 2010.
  • A company found my resume in a pile of resumes and took me in, and then called me back after my first temporary assignment to do more work for them. This company is fulled with hardworking, passionate people and I am very grateful for everyday they allow me to work for my family. 
  • At church, Sister Rosangela who had been our director for many years moved on to another parish, but in the sadness of losing her, we have found joy in our new director Sister Pauline. Sister Pauline is very straight forward and determined and I have come to feel very connected to her in so many ways. I am grateful for having Sister Pauline in my life. 
  • The students in our third year confirmation class have shown effort in their work, and I am thankful for being able to be a part of their lives and share with them my faith.
  • Over the first months of the year my husband and I have learned so much about the adoption and foster systems in our state, and although our journey with adoption is on a temporary hold, there are so many families in our county that are opening their homes and hearts to these children. So many good people wanting nothing more than to love and nurture a child that is in desperate need of those things. I am so grateful that so many folks have that love and ability within them.
  • Parents and family members are part of the ocean of things that people just begin to take for grated. My parents have been there for my husband and I since the beginning, and I am so thankful to them for all of their love and support. My mom and dad are always there to help us in all things, from putting up walls and painting rooms, to holding us tight and welcoming us into their home on nights that I was in distress. Now we are finally going to be able to give them something back, and bless them with a grandson. 
  • 2010 brought us a gift of our own, we became Godparents to a sweet young boy named Jonas. My cousin Stephanie baptized her children and we had the honor of speaking on Jonas' behalf and accepting the Christian lifestyle for him. I hope over the years we can continue to be good role models of this faith, and of family. We love that little guy to infinity and beyond! 
  • Towards the end of the year my little nephew Elazar began to walk. Children are such an amazing gift, they bring so much joy and love into the lives of everyone around them. We are so happy to be a part of Elazar and April's life. 
  • I conquered fear this past year, and I hoped back on the bike. I am so thankful to those who contributed to the purchase of my beautiful bike, and to my husband who had faith in me to overcome. He didn't question if I would continue to ride, if I was really going to try it out, or any of those things, he stood by me and kept any doubts he may have had to himself. Plus my mom had to make a special trip from Gonzales to Monterey to pick up my bike because it wouldn't fit in my car. So many people believed in me and that makes it so much more special. 
  • And the greatest things that I have realized not to take for grated are my life and my God. Every breath that I continue to take into my body is worthy of celebration. God has given me what I need to live and learn from. Things may not be “perfect” in the minds of many, but life is life nonetheless. I promise to live each of my days with as much dignity and respect and love and passion as I humanly can.
  • I am so trilled to have this new year ahead of me. I am ready to love, to grieve if I must, and to honor the moments that have yet to come. 

Happy New Year everyone!


elizabeth said...

beautiful post Jessica. i'm glad you learned a lot of wonderful things! i can't wait to see what this year unfolds for you :)

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

I'm glad you have great things that you can look back that has happened to you in 2010. For me, those instances are few and far in between. I wish you a great new year and all the best!! I'll definitely be reading about it hopefully!