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Bear Down

We are back from our lovely Chicago Holiday, and we had a great time. The whole purpose of the trip was to introduce my brother Eric to the city. He would like to move out there, so being the Chicago loving couple that we are, we decided to be his personal tour guides.

While we were in town we took advantage of our location, and I got to get in a nice visit with my BFF from High School. I try to get out to Chicago at least once a year, and we usually have a day out on the town and a little dinner. This time was no different. The hubby and I joined her and her hubby for some wings and football. I really loved seeing her, and only hope that next time I have a few more days to spend with her and her girls.

The icing on the cake had to have been our Sunday morning stroll into Soldier Field. My hubby is a Bears fan,  and although I am a Niner fan, I had to support him and his team on this day. For the unofficial "Husband Week" I woke up Monday morning and bought us tickets to the Bears Playoff game. It was our first time to watch them play in Chicago. For those uninformed folks, the Bears won and are now one game away from a trip to the Super Bowl.

All in all it was a fabulous trip, and I think my brother liked it too. There is something about Chicago that I will always treasure in my heart.


Elizabeth said...

glad you enjoyed the trip! the photos look great!

Laura said...

ooo, a Bears fan? Ouch. Being from Wisconsin it's Green Bay, all the way, baby. Should be an interesting game Sunday.

p.s. it's funny that you make it to Chicago more than I do, and I'm only about a three hour drive. Not my favorite city.

J-Jones said...

I've always wanted to take a trip to Chicago. Whenever I do, I should ask you for recommended places to see!

Your pictures look great though. :]