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Accomplished or Failed

Last December I post up my goals for 2010. I guess that it is about time to check in and see how I did.

Camping (Accomplished)
I am going to count this one as an accomplishment, but the fact is that I did end up camping out in my own backyard. It was an amazing time with friends and family, and it was a night that I will not forget. We had maybe six tents up in our backyard and after an amazing party, everyone just hung out and crawled in their tents. Yay for having buddies that will do silly stuff with you!

Flickr Bug (Semi-Accomplished)
I was doing really go at the beginning of the year, but as the months went on and summer approached I found it harder and harder to keep my camera near. Then tragically my camera was stolen, and it took sometime before I was able to replace it. As a soon-to-be mama, I am pretty sure my camera will gets its use this year.

Back on the Bike (Accomplished)
I did it! I rode my new cruiser like a champ! Currently I am not allowed to ride it, nor is the weather the greatest for bike rides, but soon my bike is going to get a car-seat, or wagon and then we will be in business for future family rides.

Adopt/Foster (Semi-Accomplished)
After eight months of prep work, we had to put the adoption on hold due to the pregnancy. We did a lot of work for this, but we are planning to revisit once the baby is born and we are back at a normal place in life.

Party like a Rockstar (Accomplished)
I wanted to have an amazing birthday party, and with the help of some friends, it was everything I dreamed of. We had a fiesta and my brother and cousin did a little dance for us, too cute! Plus the biggest surprise of the year came when miss Lala walked in just as I was swinging for my piƱata. Amazing night!

Corn Maze (Fail)
Didn't make it out to the corn maze this year, but I did make it out to Holiday Lights!

Girlfriends (Accomplished)

I reconnected with great people in my life, and I made a great friend in Adela. I know the past few months have been crazy and I have been tried and busy like never before, but I promise to get back on top of things SOON. I miss you guys!

Portland (Fail)
Couldn't do it, but I am not giving up! Maybe next year we can head out there. This year already seems out of the question.

No Venti (Semi-Fail)
Although I did cut back on Starbucks DRINKS, I still kept up on my Starbucks visits. Part-time work equals part-time play and most of that play was done on my laptop at a Starbucks.

Studio Time (Fail)
I thought that I would have more time to work out in the garage, but once we started up our adoption classed everything was about getting the house ready for a child. We did some light remodeling and now have a two bedroom house, but still no studio.

Overall, I am happy with my accomplishments, and I will just have to keep working on  my "failures" until they too become accomplishments.


Elizabeth said...

i am happy with your accomplishments as well! you did great :)

Laura said...

I think you did a fine job. And just because you didn't accomplish something on your list this year does not mean you can't do it later. Or maybe your interests will change and you'll head in a totally different direction!

Melissa said...

I think that was a VERY productive year... and I won't label them fails... just taking you a little longer.. no shame in that! :D