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Winter Wonderland

Can you remember back to your nights of high school formals? Winterball? Prom? Homecoming? All of the planning, dress shopping, and girly talk about how you were going to do your hair, or what shoes you were going to wear. Waking up the morning of the big day and feeling like you deserved the right to be pampered because that night you were going to be a star.

Well, all of those feelings are starting to boil up within me. My cousins and I decided a few weeks back that it would completely fantastic if we threw ourselves our own Winterball! Tomorrow night we will be celebrating a beautiful time of the year, some of my favorite gals' birthdays, and I cannot wait. Today I am going to run around after work and get the last minute stuff I need to create a night of wonder. It shall be perfect, and the tiniest Winterball in the history of all Winterballs will be rockin'.

I am hoping to take tons of pictures, but we will have to see if I'm not too busy dancing my feet off!

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elizabeth said...

i cannot wait to see!!!