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One Word, 2010

Although I threw a fuss mid-way through my last project, I had decided early on that I wanted to take the NaBloPoMo Challange and blog everyday of December. This is a tough one because everyones Decembers are always hectic, but I am up for the challenge, and then today I ran into Ashley's blog You're the Charlie Browniest and saw another awesome December Project that was very very temping. In fact it was so tempting that I have decided to do a double challenge for myself this month. There was also an amazingily fun sounding photography project on Key's blog, but I figured that would be pushing it.

So for my second official December challange, I am going to take on the #reVerb10. If you haven't hear of this project yet, you can read more about it here:

December 1 One Word. 
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

One word you say, how about Turbulent.

This year has had it's up and it's downs, and at no point did I feel that I was in change of what was going on. My only option to survive was to hang on and roll with the punches.

Let's revisit the year. I started the year a housewife, spending my hours crafting, creating, and cooking up dinner. Somewhere along the line I started a temporary job. My husband and I spent the first five months of the year attending weekly adoption classes, and having people rummage through our lives, hoping we would be stamped worthy of parenthood. By the time the summer came around we had lost a close friend, my placement with the company was over, and I was back to being a bum. We were trying to live off of my husbands income and manage a household. Things got tight again, but we managed to stay afloat. Somewhere near the end of summer I got a part-time position offered to me through the company I was working with earlier in the year. We started to workout, I became a vegetarian, I started to read again. Thing were looking up. Then we were thrown for a loop when mid August we found out that I was pregnant. The news was amazing, such a blessing, but we were weeks out from having an adoption placement. This whole thing was a bit stressful, we reviewed our options, and found the best solution. Just went we had regained control, our home was burglarized, and I experienced a vulnerability that I hadn't felt in many years. Since then we have been trying to normalize our life in our violated home, and prepare for a new baby, and becoming full-time employees along with full-time parents.

Life. You never know what it has in store for you, but if I could pick one word that I hope will represent my next year of life, it would have to be JOYOUS. I am praying for a year of new life with our growing little family. A year full of love and many happy memories. As for this year, Turbulent will have to do, at least I will come out of it with a strong stomach.

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elizabeth said...

amazing projects and that word you chose suits me too. great post!

P.S how's baby? did you find out the sex already?