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I define moments

December 29 Defining Moment
Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

From the very beginning of this year Anthony and I were in preparation for becoming parents. We were going about it by an alternative road, adoption, but we were commited and determined to become a loving home to a child this year. Months of classes, light remodeling of our home, and many interviews - fingerprinting sessions - and background checks later, we were finally just weeks away from having that dream fulfilled. I guess God had a different plan for us, he placed the most precious road block in our way. I found out I was pregnant, and we decided to put the Adoption on hold for a year or two to make sure we were in a good place again to open up our hearts and home. Now it is the end of the year and as I type I have a little guy wiggling around inside of my very body. All year we have been preparing to give love, to share our home, to open our hearts, but never did we imagine the end of the year would come and THIS would be our situation.

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elizabeth said...

becoming a parent or mother is the best gift god can give us. i am glad we're both given this privilege :D