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God grant me the WISDOM

December 10 Wisdom 
What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

wis·dom [wiz-duhm] –noun
the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is trueor right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity,discernment, or insight.

I am usually the type of person that just makes decisions in the moment. Most of the time they are right, sometimes they come with a slight sense of regret, but rarely do I feel that I have made a decision using wisdom. However, this year I feel that I have made some of the biggest most wise decisions of my life. Intense, huh?

The single most wise decision that I have made in 2010 came right after my twenty-eight birthday. The day that I looked at the pictures from my birthday party and realized that I didn't want to post them because I felt so horrible about the physical state of my body. Those pictures coupled with a book that a good friend let me borrow, turned my life around. Half way through reading skinny bitch I made the decision to give up meat, and cut back as much as possible on all processed foods. The decision to become vegetarian matched up perfectly with my decision to work out and eat healthier. By choosing to cook my meal at home, and workout 5 days a week at my house, I was able to drop 30 pounds in the course of 2 months. It was this change to my diet and overall health that allowed me to finally become pregnant. It's hard to believe that the simplest choices that we make can affect our lives in such grand ways.

Once my husband and I found out that we were being blessed with a sweet child of our own, we had another tough decision to make, and I believe we made the wisest decision possible. Although we were trilled that we were pregnant, we were only a few weeks out from having a foster child placed in our home, hoping to adopt them in the future. We had to decide quickly what we were going to do with our adoption situation. After careful thought, and a few tears, we decided that the best thing would be to wait until after our child is born to continue with the adoption process. The stress that comes with a foster-adopt situation would not have been healthy for me, plus the sex of the child would have to be the same sex as our birth child because they would have to share a room. On top of all of that, we pray that the baby is born healthy, but if they are not then that would be the only thing that would pull us out of the adoption race. I want to be sure that we are at a comfortable and stable place at the time a foster/adopt child enters our home, they will already be going through so much and they would need our full attention at that time.

So those are two of the most important and wises choices of the year. One required a lot of commitment, and the other was kind of heartbreaking, but I believe we will be a happier healthier family in the end because of them.


elizabeth said...

That photo of the two of you is super adorable! i love the scenery and your necklace :)

and i agree. having a little wisdom is good. it lets us live rather than thinking if it could of been done or not because of experience.

anisah_klia95 said...

c0ol bl0g~!!! visit mine back~


sheiswinterwest said...

We all have to make some hard decisions in life I'm glad you were wise about them, only YOU know whats right for you. I'm so happy for you and hubby! i can't wait to see baby Alonzo :)