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I Try

December 18 Try 
What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

My number one priority for 2011 will be to become the most caring and loving mother that I could possibly be. I will try my hardest to not impose false standards of my motherhood upon myself. In other words, I will not be my mom, my grandmas, my friends, or any mommy blogger. I will be me. I truly believe that I am a great person with good values and an amazing heart (yes, I am ok complementing myself), and that the way I will best be able to parent my child is by using all of my talents and love to help them grow. 
God has created each of us differently, and therefore there is not just one way to care for a child. This is really big because I already know everyone has their opinion on how you should hold the baby, how much you should feed the baby, when the baby should be walking, talking, what they should be eating or not eating, and if I live my first year as a mother trying to please all of the on lookers I am losing a lot of valuable moments learning how to be a mother. Instead of experiencing the frustrations and joys for myself, I will just be a robot mom programed by over opinionated people and rude remarks. No offense to anyone, I do appreciate suggestions and knowledge, just don't attempt to correct me as you see me in action. Use your best judgement to pick a time that is appropriate to have a conversation with me as an adult.

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elizabeth said...

oh my god. this post is beautiful. i can relate.