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blessed, this week has been

Weekly Recap

Week of: Nov 28th - Dec 4, 2010

In a word: magical

Highlight of the week: There were so many great moments of this week, but one of the greatest for me occurred Tuesday night. For the first time since the expansion of the Montoya Family, we all huddled up into a portrait studio and took family photographs. It was so much work getting all 11 of us plus 2 baby bumps in, but we managed, and the results were perfect!

On repeat: All that you are (Remix) - Foreign Exchange

Baby news: This week was HUGE for baby news, I felt the baby wiggle for the first time this week, plus we found out that our baby is 15oz, and it's a BOY!

Good news in the world: The UN has declared clean water & sanitation a basic human right. It's about time. (read more)

Final thoughts: I was blessed with a fantastic week, nice twist from how things have been. Many things fell into place, and good news on the baby always makes me happy. This week I feel that I have really gotten back to my blogging, from the heart, for my personal enjoyment, and I am planning on working on many relationships with my readers and favorite bloggers. I hope everyone has had a great week and will carry it over into the days to follow! Happy December.


Monique said...

Sounds like a very blessed week!!

love, keys said...

very blessed!
and yay! congrats on the baby news. ITS A BOY! oh man i love babies LOL. you look STUNNING in that picture btw!

AnieLii said...

You are shinning :)
Congrats on the baby boy :)

elizabeth said...

I agree with AnieLii. i can see the glow too. and yay on the baby being a boy. i know the two of you must be so excited!!

sheiswinterwest said...

you look amazing!!! i already told you congrats but i wanted to say it again! i can't wait for him to get here!!! congrats, congrats, congrats! love you!