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December 14 Appreciate
What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

I am so glad that this is todays prompt! Today we had a catechist meeting at the church, it actually was more of a potluck and prayer. While we were all sitting around the dining room table eating together as a family, I couldn't help but feel such love and joy in my heart. Those people have helped me grow over the past three years, and they have definitely help our marriage by giving my husband and I a positive aim in our lives. I am so grateful to have everyone of them as a part of my family. I never imagined to have such strong ties to my faith community, but now I realize that is the perfect place for me to create these types of relationships. To answer the question that was given, I greatly appreciate their presence in my life, and I hope that I am showing my gratitude by sharing my time, being kind, and always respectful of their lives and time.


elizabeth said...

You are so family oriented, and i love it. you're a great woman :)

LaLa said...

I've LOVE every moment of this project so far, I really wanted to do it and just like everything else time got away from me and it's already going to be January.. so unreal.. but I've enjoyed reading your posting, I love the reflection of the year that it causes you to do, we don't do that enough. your so amazing, I love you oxox