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Turkey Wrap-Up

This year Thanksgiving had a few little twists and unexpected bumps in the road, but it made for a memorable time spent with the family!

The first unexpected event was not so much an event, but more like an inconvenience. I have been dealing with an off and on cold for the past month, and it just so happened that when it came time to cooking I couldn't control my coughs. As a result, my husband stepped up to head chef in our kitchen and he did it all for me this year. I just had to give him some direction, but most of the hard laboring was done by him! It turned out to be a sweet moment for me, and a little scary one for him. He did a great job with everything, including his very first turkey.

Once the cooking was under control, we headed to a new destination for this years gathering. Most years we have Thanksgiving at my Grandparents house, last year it was at ours, but this year it was at my Tia Rosa's. It was a nice change, but the placement of our group picture made it difficult for me to set my timer, jump over a wall, and join the rest of the fam. Instead of risking a slip, I just stood in front of everyone as they were preparing for the big picture, and I just snapped them as they were. It's kind of funny to have a "blooper" photo, but I will be expecting a copy of the official picture from my aunt.

Even on my father's side of the family, were traditions are rarely changed, we had a little bit of a switch up. The usual plan goes, scripture reading, giving thanks, blessing of the food, and eating. This year it went blessing of the food, eating, waiting for everyone that was missing to arrive, then scripture reading and giving thanks. It was kind of strange standing around the food saying our thanks when the food had already been eaten, but it was still amazing. The one thing that didn't change was the fantastic karaoke that was done!

I hope you all had a fantastic memorable time with your loved ones. For our family to yours, Let the season of love, joy, and giving begin!

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elizabeth said...

Lovely photos Jay! especially the last one! your thanksgiving looks like a lot of fun!