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One day away

I cannot wait until next month officially rolls in! December is one of my favorite months. I love how so many people are running around thinking of others while shopping with bus loads of people thinking about their loved ones. I love how so many start to think of the homeless, and less fortunate. I love that thousands of people are making lists of way they can improve their lives within the upcoming 12 months. I love the reflection that goes on during this month. I love all of the fun Christmas parties, and fancy holiday dresses. I love the tamale assembly lines that are happening in many latino households. I love that we have a day to celebrate the life and love that Jesus brought into our world. I just really love December!

In preparation for the magical month, I got my shopping all done, presents have been wrapped, and delivered. We have also setup our lovely little Christmas tree, our tiny Nativity Set (one day I will own a beautiful large one), and we are planning to host a fabulous Winterball/Birthday Party for my December Lovelies. There will be more on that to come, I promise.

So for today, I try my best to relax and enjoy the last chilly day in November, and tomorrow when I wake up, December will be in full force!


elizabeth said...

Beautiful shot! i cannot wait for next week either! my holidays are fun filled. i hope yours are too :)

AnieLii said...

You made it sound more like a poem:) I love it. the pictures is nice. I enjoy December too.

AnieLii said...

Thanks!! I get inspire by all of my favorite blog read that take amazing photography, like Lala, keys and you :) No worries :) You are a busy soon to be mommy :)
Thanks:) It means a lot to me :)