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My Inspiration: Analog Girl in a Digital World

Erykah Badu

It's a Saturday. One of those days that is made to fulfill your soul's desires.

When I woke up, I happened to check twitter while my husband was still all tucked in bed sleeping (which he still is, I guess his soul desires some sleep). While on twitter I ran into the treading topic of #beforebadu and I knew immediately that I needed to participate in this one because Erykah is one of my all-time favorite artists. The funny part was that I couldn't decide what to spend my 140 characters on. I finally went with:

" "artists" had only touched my ears & swayed my hips  i realized the difference between a singer & a true artist". 

This is so true for me, Erykah Badu changed my way of experiencing music, life, love, my own self.

Sounds pretty intense huh? But it is the absolute truth. Today my soul has been inspired once again by the mere mention of her name, and it has inspired me to dress freely, love intensely, and dedicated this evening to creative time for me. I have a fantastic birthday that I will be attending this afternoon, but I will now make it a priority to make my way back home early so that I will have an evening free to dip my fingertips in paint, rub my palms across paper and canvas, an evening free to give myself back to me and for me to push it all back between my output and my inner fire.

This is the impact a true artist can have on a person, and that my friends is why this lady will always stay on my list of amazing human beings. In Chicago I always played Back in the Day & Bag Lady at our local bar, and after a 2 year absence I walked back in there and played these songs on the jukebox and was immediately recognized by the bartenders because of it. Her music has become such a big part of who I am, so much so that someone could link me back to her voice years later.

What inspires you? Who has helped you to define the true you?

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elizabeth said...

Erykah Badu is great! i love her music, and my two muses would have to be Rachael Yamagata and Kid Cudi.