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So how are you?

First off I must say ... GO GIANTS! WORLD SERIES BABY!

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, how is everyone doing? There has been tons of fun stuff going on over here. On Saturday we had a lovely princess party for my nieces April & Aaliyah. They made beautiful birthday girls, and received tons of princess stuff. We baked all evening Friday, into Saturday morning. It was an experience, and I have learned that the only big party I will ever throw for my child will be a quinceaƱera if we have a girl, or a graduation party. It will have to be when they are old enough to help and clean up after. I wish I had pictures to show you guys, but I am without a camera still.

Sunday we had youth day at our church, I think I was digging it more than our students, but they are coming around. OH MY GOSH! before class we were making name tags for an icebreaker and each name tag had to be a famous persons name... WELL when it came to female names we had such a hard time picking females that we thought were good role models that our students would actually be able to recognize. It made me sad that a lot of kids in our community, in this generation, aren't learning about amazing people in history, or even in current events that are striving for positivity in our world. When we asked one of the students for help she was ready to give us a big list and then when we told her NOT SLUTTY or DRUG ADDICTS then she had maybe three names left.

This brings me to the topic of discussion today, What is going on in this world?

I am going to be real honest and bring the nerd out right now, but when I was in high school I was really into learning about women like Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, Dolores Huerta, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman, and many more, these students didn't even know the name of their high school principle. I am not joking about that.

I don't know what it is about the future, but I am scared about the type of world my child will grow up in. People nowadays don't feel the need to learn anymore because if they ever need to know something as "trivial" as the name of their president, who was involved in World War II or what their phone number is all they have to do is pop open their smart phone and look it up. There is no reason for people to learn anything anymore because their smart phones allow them to be dumb. The only problem with that is how can you expect to carry on any type of conversation with a person that knows nothing for themselves and has to reference a machine to get be given an opinion on anything. Don't get me wrong, I love my laptop, my wi-fi, and the magical screens that are Wikipedia, but sites like those require someone to first know the information before typing it in there for everyone else to copy off of, and in a few decades will there be anyone around to write books or internet entries? It's looking more and more like we will only have people searching for shortcut information that they will retain for five minutes and then never think of again.

I am so scared that our youth are losing touch with what the world really is and their minds are just going and going and going and there is no such thing as single tasking because everything is all about speed and instant satisfaction. Have you tried to have a conversation with a teenager lately? There is rarely any eye contact, they are most likely touching their phone, receiving texts, or hiding their hands in their jackets. It's very uncomfortable trying to connect with them. Not only that but there is a real sense of entitlement to EVERYTHING.

I have four brothers, one in particular, who I love just as much as the rest, but he really believes that it is his god given RIGHT to have the newest phone, a personal laptop, ipod, and every other gadget that comes out, if one of the other kids gets something that automatically means he is being treated unfairly if he doesn't receive something too. There is no such thing as EARNING things for him, it is about LOVE, if my parents love me then they will buy me ________. It drives me crazy because in noway are my parents in a position to buy these things without consequence, such as higher credit card bills, loans from family members because when an emergency comes up there is no savings because guess where that extra money went? My parents always were giving. I was never without anything that I really needed and on occasion something just because, but NEVER did I feel that if they didn't buy me something that it meant they stopped loving me, or treating me fairly.

I don't know. I am just a little annoyed with the whole thing that is going around. I don't know whether to blame the children, the parents, the media, our culture, the world... I don't know. But just ponder this for the rest of the day, If every family went back to having one television, one computer, and one car per household, minimum cable, minimum internet and phone plans, if we all moved into home that fit our families and not our families plus three more, the basics level of luxury, we could put together all of that extra money saved and give clean water to every nation. We could feed the hungry. We could clothe the sick and cold. We could stop wars if we learned to share the worlds resources, and if we could learn to treat each other as equals. Call me a socialist, a lunatic, a communist, a hippie, a tree-huger, whatever you'd like, but WHY NOT CHANGE THE WORLD? WHY NOT CARE FOR EACH OTHER AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS? WHY NOT?

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elizabeth said...

I have to agree. i feel so confused with all that's going on. life is getting very serious and difficult but as long as we make little change right?

great post love!