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Me in 30, Day Nine

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

HARD ONE. I usually find it hard to give myself credit for anything, but here we go.

This week has been wild, and not in a good way, but I am most proud of being able to put my pride aside and reaching out for help. I have been very stressed, and I have taken it upon myself to do what I have to do to make myself better. For me this meant sleeping over at my parents for a night, hanging out with my brothers, and catching a movie with my cousin. I have also spoken up at work and called in to tell them I needed an hour for myself before making it in to work, and rearranged my schedule for the week so that I could have time to take care of things that I needed to. This is big for me because usually I am all about pleasing others and working around other peoples schedules. I am putting me and this baby first and it is helping me alot!


elizabeth said...

i love this photo that you choose. very cute and great post. sometimes it's hard seeming weak but giving and getting help is essential in life!

LaLa said...

sometimes it is all about you, we tend to forget that! Embrace these moments mama they are harder and few and in between once that baby comes!! I love you