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What happens in Vegas gets exposed on my blog!

I am trying to pull it together after my vacation, I am definitely having mixed feelings about the trip. Let me bring you to the start of our trip, I planned for weeks guestlists, sights, and so on and so forth. Now bringing us to the trip, the reality of 14 rooms worth of people smashed me right in the face when all of my hard work just went down the drain.The first night was amazing, we had lots of fun, and that was about the last thing that went as planned. It was hot, people got frustrated, copped attitudes (including me), and most of the other plans just didn't happen. I guess I am a little over it because things turned out okay, but I am just a little bummed that I set aside so much that I wanted to do to plan for others and they didn't even really care. I have learned that next time I take a vacation I am going to do what I want to do and not worry about everyone because nobody else is going to look out for me. I am so sad that I didn't get to spend any time with Lala & Aaron but I guess I have to shake it off and know that our friendship is still strong and that there will be many more times for us to hang out together. I feel a little bad for our friend Kodi, it was his first time in Vegas and we didn't take him to see a lot of the places that you would think of as MUST SEES, but I know he won't hold it against me. Overall I had fun with the family that I did get to see, and I learned a lot from my mistakes.

I must say above all of this what I thought was going to be my biggest challenge was actually the easiest part. I had such delicious healthy food the whole time I was there. If you are ever in Vegas you absolutely must try Mad Onion at the Hooters Hotel, it was the best meal I had while I was there. They have a sandwich called the Sassy San Fran Veggie and it is to die for, paired with a side of fresh fruit, that was much more like a platter of fruit, it truly made my trip. Also there is a place called Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay and they have such a fresh veggie burger, and they also have an eggplant vegan burger, all of there food looked and tasted delicious. Vegans/Vegetarians Vegas is an easy place to find what you need, and all you other folks, there is no excuse to eat all that junk that the city has to offer because everywhere we went there were healthy and scrumptious options!

I took a total of three cameras and one died, the other would not charge, and the last was a film camera so my photos are limited, but I promise once the film is developed I will share!


  • Traveling in large groups in exciting but so very stressful
  • Vacation isn't always the time to be lazy, sometimes you got to push yourself out of bed
  • Always pack an extra camera (battery), you never know!
  • The less plans you have the more freedom your heart has.
  • Wear that dress that might be too short for home, or that shirt you couldn't wear anywhere else, these people will never see you again so just rock out!
  • Vegas is so much more fun when you aren't the one getting drunk.
  • I am so a open road, nature lover and am totally over the whole club scene.
  • It's okay to admit that you are disappointed because it makes it much easier to move on passed the situation if you aren't bottling it up inside.
  • Know who you need in your life to make you smile. Thanks Steph for the cheap gambling and old lady laughs!
  • Sometimes chilling in the room is so much more fun that worrying about going out.

The homie Kodi, Me, & My Baby Tay peeking.

My brother Richie for having his very first drink in his 24 years of life. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but I am glad I was there to witness it and make sure nobody got him drunk.

My cousin Steph for chilling with me in old town playing penny poker. I ain't a gambler, but it was fun hanging out with her and kind of ditching everyone else. No drinks, no lines, just two silly girls playing pennies.

My sister in law Cynthia for ... I won't expose too much but thanks for the laughs, strangely it was a great bonding experience.

My hubby Taylor for talking non-stop about a dang burger for weeks before our vacation and everyday in Vegas until we finally made it to Burger Bar.

My cousin Frank & Kodi for sticking by me, making me laugh and pulling me out to dance to Montel Jordan, and for the new catch phrase "Just to be Ballin'"

My cousin David for getting ready with me on our first night, including following my makeup tips.

My cousins Joey & Carol for announcing that they are expecting a beautiful baby!

I guess overall it was a pretty good trip after all.


LaLa said...

oh my love the joys of planning, I know just how you feel, it happens to me all the time with my sisters, sometimes it takes realizing that you are so different from people that you don't NEED to spend every moment with them on the trip, it's hard cause you love them and want to be around them but at the end of the day if you stay you'll regret it cause you didn't do what you wanted to do. My sisters are gamblers, drinkers, and clubbers, I'M NOT and it's ok for me to take myself out of those activities and just go swimming or walk the strip and site see like a nerd instead lol I'm glad you found good places to eat and you ate what you wanted, that's so important and I'm also happy that you found good moments in your trip, it's more of a downer to think the whole trip was a waste, you were surrounded by good people whom you love you just have different interest that all.. Next time just don't be hesitant to leave the group to do something you will enjoy :) I'm sad we didn't hang out either but YES INDEED we will have more chances to hang out and eat yummy vegan/veggie food and go ride bikes in the sun :) We love you guys and glad we at least got to see you for a little lol <3

elizabeth said...

i agree with Lala. ha ha but i'm glad you enjoyed it. it's those little moments we enjoy with out family that count (:

Anonymous said...

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