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Reviving the energy

Today we jumped on our bikes and took a nice ride along the vineyards. It was so beautiful out, and I loved the fresh breeze as we passed rows and rows of juicy grapes (it's almost harvesting time). Some of life's greatest moments come to us in the hidden beauty of our daily routine.

When we got home we got our workout in and then I did a little reading. I have a book called Fabulous Friendship Festival and it is full of creative and positive friendship related stuff. I visited the authors website which lead me to call her inspiration hotline @ (415) 546-3742. The website is full of fun stuff and colorful words, and the hotline was kinda kooky yet totally awesome. 

Today has been a day dedicated to getting my mind right and pulling back my positives vibes. I hope you all are having a great weekend!


LaLa said...

This makes me so happy!!! I'm so proud and so jealous! lol I've been dying for a bike ride :\ and you guys have the perfect locations for bike rides too lol It's amazing how good you can feel once you get active, there is no better high, I'm telling you!! I have to check this one out, seems interesting have to look for the book now :) love ya

elizabeth said...

proud of you! i love these type of books! i have one called "succulent" it's an amazing self love book (: