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Read the Labels People!

Just got back from the grocery store and I cannot believe how hard yet easy it is to spend a little and bring home a lot, and not just a lot, but a lot of healthy stuff! First off it is incredible how high fructose corn syrup finds it way into everything, but the only thing I let it slip in with was my freaking whole wheat bread. Why there needs to be HFCS in whole wheat bread, I do not know, but other than that I was able to say no to the rest of the stuff I was about to pull into our cart. On top of that accomplishment I was very happy to get our grocery bill back under $30. This month will be a tough one for us financially because we spent all of our overflow on stuff for the house last month, so saving every cent we can is super important. And thanks to a refresher with "Skinny Bitch" I totally came home with minimal dairy in my cart, this is big people, I am a cow addict. I was totally just so proud of myself that I needed to share this, yup Imma dork.

Sleepy time now :)


LaLa said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I am super duper proud of you Jessica, OMG I'm so happy :) lol great job love keep it up! you can do!

elizabeth said...

how fun! i am proud of you too. i will be doing this Sunday too! i bought a vegan cook book :D

HanneeNz said...

Just stumbled across your blog and am so pleased! I love it, will be following so I can keep updated =)