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This year I will be participating in a variation of Ramadan. I am not Muslim, but I believe that this type of fasting and prayer can be very helpful to anyone. If you are unaware of what Ramadan is you can read up about it on wikipedia or any other site. The overall concept of Ramadan is to fast (food and drink) during the daylight hours of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, this year it falls August 11th - September 9th, you wake up before dawn and have your first meal of the day, and then at the time of the fourth prayer of the day (or sunset) you can resume eating until the following morning at sunrise. You are also to refrain for "dirty actions" during the daylight hours. It is encouraged that you use that time to purify yourself with self restraint and good deeds.

I personally am a Christian, but I feel as though we are all one people, there is no reason to separate ourselves based on the color of our skin, the location of our birth, and definitely not based on the name of the God that we worship. There is something so beautiful about each culture and I am the type of person to explore those beauties and take inspiration from everywhere I can. The beauty of Islam is unknown to many because we have been taught to fear it, we have been told that our God is the one and only God and that everyone else was wrong. The way I see it, as long as people are living loving, peaceful, lives and are trying to make a positive impact on their world, then they have it right.

I offer this season to all of you as a way to become globally connected with millions of other people around the world that will be fasting along with you. It is a beautiful experience and although the first few days are tough because you are going against your routine, it is very rewarding (spiritually) when you turn your desires into prayerful and reflective time.


JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

I'm in my college marching band. I can't afford to not eat during daylight hours. I need to refuel myself. I respect you for exploring and wanting to purify yourself though.

LaLa said...

This is amazing and know a lot about it because I work with student and particularly Muslim students, I think it's a powerful thing, fasting, in any religion, we you don't a lot of things until you get in tune and in touch with your body and get deep into prayer while fasting! I love this post!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is amazing!
its always good to refresh and reflect.
so excited to hear about your journey!

elizabeth said...

how nice. i can't wait to hear about this adventure!