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my reflection in light

On this day three years ago...

I woke up with Pepto Bismol and a Sprite.
I had a trillion people at my apartment getting ready.
I hid behind a wall at the church until Anthony was making his way to the alter.
I had my grandma's rosary tied around my bouquet of flowers.
I was so nervous at church you would have thought I just committed murder.
I was married in Gods house to the man of my dreams.
Anthony took a swig of Jack Daniels with our godfather on the way to the reception.
I put myself before other peoples drama.
I was a bridezilla for about 10 mins total.
I had a fantastic first dance to THE LIGHT - Common & Erykah Badu.
My fresh out the chapel husband had a dance battle with our flower girls.
Friends and Family showed us so much support and love.
I danced the night away under the stars atop a beautiful mountain overlooking the entire valley.
I became the happiest woman alive.
I was presented for the first time as Mrs. Anthony Curtis Taylor.

On this day three years ago I was the princess,
and everyday since then I have been his queen.

and because I love our song SO VERY MUCH Imma have to post it up again


LaLa said...

your guys are such an inspiration. You marriage is based on all the right things and when I'm around you I can feel the love and respect you have for each other, it's a beautiful thing. I wish you both many more years of love and happiness! Happy Anniversary <3

Melissa said...

Congrats!!! So beautiful. May you have many many many more anniversaries. :)

elizabeth said...

wow. this is amazing. i have faith thanks to you. you two are the best!!!

Monique said...

Awwww that is so beautiful. Congrats!!