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It's your life. You make it happen.

top 10 reasons why i love my life...
i have an incredible husband who loves me with all of his soul
our house turns into paradise for two when we close the door
every time i feel like i cant, i learn that i can
god has blessed me with enough to sustain a healthy family
i can watch the sunrise over the mountains from my bed
i have finally learned that i cannot fix everyone else and it has freed me
hope keeps popping up in the most unsuspecting ways
i live in a country where i make my decisions, good or bad
my family has shown me the joy in having strong faith
i am a pretty amazing person, i am a fine admitting that now


elizabeth said...

10 wonderful reasons. i enjoyed your post!

LaLa said...

<333 I love this post and this is what I love too see! Amazing list for an amazing women!! ox

sheiswinterwest said...

love this post!

Jacque said...

Such a cute post!! You have a lovely blog!