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Back at it AGAIN

Okay guys sorry for just dropping that news on you and then running to hide, lol. In case you missed the last post, I am pregnant, and started a pregnancy blog. I figured I would start a separate place for all that baby talk because as the months progress I am sure my obsession with my seed will as well, and I don't want to bore you out of your mind with baby talk unless you want me too.

As for my regular blog, this one, I hope to keep it as updated as can be. For the past month almost I have been dragging my feet everywhere I go. I am so exhausted all of the darn time, making a baby is no easy job. I read that I am using up the equivalent amount of energy as a person running a marathon, DAILY. What the heck is up with that!? So I will blame it on the bump (that is not showing yet)!

Other than all the baby news, we are getting ready to head back to Sunday School!!! We have been having a ton of meetings getting ready for the upcoming year. This year our annual retreat will be totally put together by US, not the team that we have hired the past couple of years. This is both very exciting and a little stressful because it takes so much work to put these things together, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Next month we have our first class and I get to meet all of our new students, my brother Anthony should be in our class, but he was talking about possibly dropping out of the program, so we will have to wait and see. I really hope he goes, it would be my first time having one of my brothers as a student. I think after my youngest brother passes through the program I will retire.

In other news, my aunt is moving to freaking FRANCE at the end of the week, and I am beyond excited for her. She is doing a semester in international business or something like that. It's so crazy the things people can accomplish when they set their goals a little higher than people expect them too. I am so proud of her, she had dropped out of college a few years back, maybe more than a few, but she recently picked up her backpack and got back on the grind and she is doing it. I love that I have such positive role models in my life.

I guess that is where I will end this post today, I am a little sleepy and it's almost time to get some dinner together before family prayer night. I hope know that I know what is "wrong" with me I will be able to be a little less irritable, and hopefully this extreme exhaustion wears off quickly so that I can get back to my happy little self again. Thanks for dealing with the crazy mood swings the past weeks, it's another one of those "Blame it on the Bump" things.

Love you guys for sticking it out, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE head over to the pregnancy blog and make sure to vote in the weekly Name Game Poll!!! I am pouring my little emotional heart out over there.


LaLa said...

your killing!!

LaLa said...

**me haha love you I'm heading home now I can't wait to share with Aaron 'OUR' good news lol I'll text you in a little bit

elizabeth said...

Yay for babies :)

sheiswinterwest said...

so excited for you!! congrats!