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After writing my letter on day 19 I decided I need to scale back on a lot of my online life. With that being said I am cutting out the 365 project after only posting one weeks worth of pictures. The truth is I need to get rid of some of the responsibilities I am putting on myself instead of adding more to my plate. I have a lot going on right now with trying to work on our house, our car, all of the adoption process, just gong back to work, working out daily and this and that, and it's way too much. I know after a month or so things will feel a lot more natural, but for right now I am pretty much restructuring my lifestyle and that is hard enough on it's own without a million extra projects. I am still working on my 30 days of letters because I find it therapeutic, as well as my journaling. I haven't taken the pictures yet but I think I will be posting up my journal pages next Tuesday. My blogging may go down or it may go up depending on whats going on, I think it will go up actually because it makes me happy, and those kind of things can stick around.

In other 'real life' news I had my second weigh in and I am now down a total of 11.3 pounds since June 28th. My first week of working out I lost 10 pounds, and this week I am in healthy weight loss zone with a loss of 1.3lbs. My weekly goal will be to keep building strength, stay active, and eat better to boast my energy. The true judge of my progress will not be the scale, it will be my happiness within, and it's been pretty high.

I also started working again. Yesterday was my first day back at Enza, I love the work environment there, and this time I actually get an e-mail with my name in it, last time my logins were TEMP. I am only going to be working seasonal part-time, but I am very excited to be out and doing something.

And to top it all off, this weekend I am headed out to So-Cal to visit my bestest blogging buddy, Lala, and we are going to party it up for her and Aaron's birthday. Yesterday was her actual B-Day so SHOUT OUT TO LALA!
(snagged it right off of her blog. don't tell)

Well guys, now that you are all updated, I will try to stay on top of things around here, but don't hold it against me if I am not back on my blog until next week.


Elizabeth said...

happy birthday to our love! and i have to agree on the quote, and i'm glad you like your new job!!!

sheiswinterwest said...

Happy Birthday to my big sis LaLa!! i love that woman!! i hope you ladies had a great time celebrating i wish i could have been there as well!! can't wait to meet my blog Sisters!

ps: congrats on your weight loss!