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Enormous Journal Dump!

Journal Prompt 9: Choose another person who is vert significant in your life right now. Describe your special person with as many words as you can fit. For each word, try to use a different font or writing style. This is a great way to practice fun typography! MY FAVORITE ONE SO FAR!!

Journal Prompt 10: This prompt is all about collections. What do you collect? If anything.

Journal Prompt 11: Hello friends. Today is another one of my favorite pages. And speaking of favorites, this is a page all about your faves!! We are going to list your favorites in each of these four categories:
* TV shows
* Music
* Food
* Splurges

Journal Prompt 12: Journal 12 is all about trends. Whether you consider yourself "trendy" or not, I bet there are a few trends that you find yourself gravitating to. If not, you can create a page of trends that you think are lame too, it's up to you :)

Journal Prompt 13: Silly insecurities....we all have them unfortunately. If you don't, you are my hero :) Today I want you to document your insecurities, face them, write them down, reflect on them, and get them out of your system. This is definitely not a fun prompt but it's kind of necessary in order to move past them.

I ran out of ink with my favorite black pen so I put off doing these until I got a new pen, but I totally didn't get a new pen, so I had to dig for a fountain pen and only could find this red one. Oh well, I got them all done and I am officially caught up!


LaLa said...

girl you killed it!!!!!

now I have to go home and do this... lol but first off to work it out! ;) love you

Elizabeth said...

this is pretty cool! i like this project :)

Emilie Lynne said...

These are beautiful!! I love all the different fonts you used on the Mom page :) Juanes and Mana are amazing! I don't know anyone else except my Venezolanos who love them like I do, so I am excited to see another Latin music lover :) Can you recommend anything for me to listen to? Maybe there's something great I don't know about :D

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

You are so artistic and creative! I love your handwriting.