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Conquering Fear

Guess what?!? I got a bike! A real, put your helmet on and ride me down the road, BICYCLE

This is such an amazing thing for me because I have 'bike trama'. When I was in 5th grade I rode my bike down a huge hill, hit a curb and scraped my elbows, knuckles, chin, and fractured my Jaw in several places. Long story short I never got on a bike again. That is until good ol' Independence Day rolled around. I decided that I've had enough of this fear and wanted to smash it right down.

For the past few weeks I have been looking online for this ONE bike that I fell in love with, and it has been sold out. I looked everywhere and the only place I found it was on ebay for $400! The original price was only $88, so there was no way I was going to pay that. I finally gave in and decided to go and just pick out a bike at one of our local stores, to my surprise the very bike that I had been looking for online, that said NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES was right there in the store, and to top it off it was on sale! I grabbed it off of the shelf, gripped it tight and would not let go. My husband picked his out and we pushed our bikes all the way to the cash register and made the purchase. 

Once we got outside we realized there was no way we could fit two assembled bikes into our tiny little Toyota, so I had to call for back up. My lovely mother drove out of her way to pick up our lovely bikes and help us get them home nice and safe. While we were waiting for her to arrive (about a 40 minute drive), we I decided that we should ride our bikes over to the diner and grab some lunch. I was so scared that I had to push my bike half way there before I got up the courage to flip my leg over and ride the darn thing. Once I started pedaling I was off, sea breeze in my hair, sun in my eyes, and I was so darn proud of myself.

Monday Anthony and I went for my first real bike ride! I was so afraid yet I did it. I couldn't believe it, I just got on, I pedaled, and I did it. The first little hill was so scary, but I somehow got through it. Yesterday I went out all on my own and rode my big butt all the way to the post office, around to the park, and back home. I am so proud of myself, this is something I thought I would never do.

If it hadn't been for the health changes I am trying to make in my life I wouldn't have ever stood up to this fear. It has been just over a two weeks since I made the commitment to better my life and it has been paying off. I feel so much stronger, so energetic, so full of life.

Today I invited my cousin to workout with me in the morning. She came over we did our workout and I took her out for her first bike ride IN HER WHOLE LIFE. She never had learned to ride a bike, but I offered her my beauty (still thinking of a name), and she did it. We rode to the Little League Park and once we were there we played on the playground just like when we were younger.

For the first time in a long time I am truly proud of myself. I am dropping fat, building muscle and plan to keep active and become stronger and healthier.

Now that I have done it, I challenge you to go out and get a hold of one of your fears. You too can overcome!


LaLa said...

first off I am SUPER jealous!!! lol I want on just like that sooooo bad lol

but second and MOST important CONGRATULATIONS I am beyond happy for and proud of you!! You go girl and don't stop just keep riding that cute bike!! <33 love that pic of you and Anthony!! <3

city girl rides said...

congrats! i hope to see your challenge in riding bloom into self confidence in taking risks in life. riding a bike is just that! glad to see another latina blogger on two wheels!

xoxo, citygirlrides

Elizabeth said...

I am jealous too. that bike is amazing! lucky you :)

happy here

Emilie Lynne said...

I had a similar experience falling off my bike when I was younger. I've rode a bike since then, but I am always super nervous when I get on one and I can't wait to get off! Kudos to you for being so brave!! :) You're inspiring!

Michelle said...

Good for you! Isn't making healthy changes in life worth it? Now you've gotten back on that bike, and will definitely reap the health benefits of overcoming your fear. Keep it up!

Thanks for visiting me at Green Earth Bazaar. Peace. ;)

Oh yeah, love your site, and I definitely going to follow your progress. Take care. ;)

brandi said...

Yayy! Thats AWESOME! Congrats! I know you feel amazing! I've been wanting to get a bike for a while now. Im just scared I'll break it
=( That's my biggest fear. But I guess you'll never know until you try. Thanks for sharing your journey. You are amazing :) And you are inspiring me to get back on track and stay there.