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Away we go

In a few hours we will begin our gigantic family vacation. When I was younger my family would go to Vegas every August and just hang out in the heat. If has been a few years since I have been a part of these vacations, but this year I will not be left behind. We have reserved 14 rooms that will be packed with my cousins, grandparents, and other family members. I expect this to be a tad bit stressful and a whole lot of fun. The crazy thing is it's so many people and still not everyone, and the most awesome thing about it is that my girl LaLa will also be in Vegas, in the same hotel as us ... and our homie Kodi is flying out and staying with us!!! I usually am not much of a Vegas person because I don't gamble (only penny poker, but thats more like a video game), and I am trying not to really drink much anymore, but I do love me some dancing, and all of the people there will make it worthwhile.

(payback for all the funny pictures parents take of their children,
my parents in Vegas two years ago)

Since we decided to be a part of the trip all I have been hearing about is a few memories people have of me in Vegas, I am about to expose myself and let you in on them...

It had to have been my Sophomore or Junior year in HS, apparently I we walked down the strip I was offering to take photos of the other tourists with my disposable camera, and I was shouting "five dollar, five dollar, picture of me and you". My younger cousins said it was hilarious the way people reacted. I kinda remember doing it.

Another one I am hearing happened maybe 6 years ago as we were trying to head back home from Vegas. I was in the middle row of my parents Expedition, super bored in the traffic of Las Vegas Blvd. so I took my sock off grabbed a marker I had in my art bag and made a puppet. I was talking to all of my traffic neighbors about their trip with my sock puppet. This I do remember, and it was a BLAST!

and the last one I will share with you is about my aunt & I "partying" so hard that they kicked us out of the Hard Rock Hotel. Come on now Hard Rock, I thought you were all about the parties?!

We will see what kind of memories are made this week. Be back Thursday folks!


liz said...

cant wait to hear those stories. cute picture!!!

sheiswinterwest said...

sounds fun!! i wish i was in vegas with yall! have fun!