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21: Dear 'I judged you'

I am sorry for being your harshest critic. You know that we have been clashing over a couple of things the past few years, and I hope you also know that that does not change the fact that you are my dad and that I love you. I see you pushing aside the desire to change up your habits, and instead you are taking the easy way out of things by acting like things aren't bothering you. I know they are bothering you because you always say you would like to change, but the next minute act like you're carefree. I know you better than that, and that makes me believe in you. When I see you living below your potential it frustrates me because I know that you are better than that. I know how great a person, a father, you can be, but you need to decide for yourself to make the commitment to change. I can want all day for you to be the best you, but that will not make it happen, and I think for too long that was my problem. I thought I could make you change your habits, I thought by talking some sense into you that you would change, but the truth is you already know what you have to do to start living your life healthy and to it's fullest positive potential, you just aren't ready to make the change for yourself.  I wish you luck finding your way to a happier, healthier life, when you are ready to make some changes I will be here to support you along the way.

-your little girl

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Elizabeth said...

this letter made me cried. i feel sort of the same way. by the way, i love the photo!