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20: Dear Heartbreaker

You are the only one who has ever broken my heart. Eventually I learned that everything I loved about you turned out to be physical more than mental or spiritual. You taught me some great things, you gave me the strength to be me, but along with that you showed that you were still immature in your way of thinking. Sure you showed me how important it is to love yourself, but you never seemed to get how important it is to love others as you love yourself. You were not giving. You were not humble. You were not as good as you thought you were. You were not meant for me.

They say confidence can get you a lot of places, unfortunatly for me, it landed you in my heart, but once I realized that the beautiful feathers of a prideful peacock were all you had to offer, I quickly realized that I had dodged a bullet the day you walked out of my life.

I now have a life full of unfiltered, unconditional love. He is all I ever wanted or needed. He is full of substance, knowledge, life, love. With your single-sided love out of my life, I now have all the magical things that I have always dreamed love would be.

Thank you for preparing me to love, and for not being the one.

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Elizabeth said...

there's always that one guy that messes us up! but you found the love of your life and that's what matters :)