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17: Dear 'Old Friend'

You were my little pony, my bodyguard, my friend. Duke you and I were brought into the Montoya family at the same time. We were babies together, but you grew much faster than I did. You made me happy, playing with you was always so much fun, and later down the line you gave us baby Dukes. I was so sad when you passed away, but you will always be my first four legged pal, the greatest protector a little girl could ask for. Stories of your jumping, running, protecting, and listening skills are still brought up to this day. We all love you and no other dog could ever take your place.


JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

He's gorgeous! I miss my doggy.

Elizabeth said...

awe. this is too sweet! i never had a dog when little. i had a hamster!

P.S the picture is adorable!