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15: Dear Person That I Miss

You aren't really a person, but I miss you the most. You are my Chicago. I miss walking down your streets, the long bus rides we would take, the train you used to shuttle me on. I miss your heat, your wind, your snow. I miss our late nights at Falcon with Ray & all of the locals. I really miss date nights at Calypsos, your yummy Cuban and Jamaican food was the best I have had. You taught me a lot about myself, you showed me new ways to see people. I learned to be confident in your streets. I learned that big cities can feel just like little towns when you are in the right neighborhood. I made more friends, met more strangers, and cared for more of my neighbors in Chicago than in my own hometown. I believe it is because you are magical! There is something incredible about living in Hyde Park, walking along Lake Shore, working at one of your Museums, and living what you have to offer us. I doubt that I will ever find a place like you again. You gave me a chance to fall in love, you gave me my husband, but you stole a piece of my heart for yourself, and one day, even if its when I am old and grey, I will be back to reclaim it, and you.


NV Torres said...

This is awesome! I've always wanted to go to Chicago. For some reason, I am drawn to that city. Now after reading this, I really want to make a trip out there!

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

I've always wanted to visit Chicago... I had plans made to go on a road trip with some of my closest friends, but it never happened.

Elizabeth said...

I've always wanted to visit!