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14: Dear 'Drifted'

Dear Wherehouse Crew,

I miss you guys! I totally miss our hangouts at Becca's, our Monday nights at Apple Bees, and our wild San Jose & Monterey adventures. Growing up I moved around so much that it wasn't until high school that I had a real group of friends, when I went away to college I lost touch with most of them, and then stuck to only a few pals here and there. It wasn't until I started working at the Wherehouse with you guys that I really got to feel that love again. You guys were the best group of pals a girl could ask for. We always had the mommas and the papa of the group (Becca, Elizabeth and Mike), the crazy older brothers (Alex & Paul), the bodyguard older brothers (Johnny, Felipe & Ramon), the sensible yet crazy older sisters (Alicia & Carina), the Wondertwinz (Jayka & Karen), and our extended fam (Frank, Steph, Lejah, Val, Juan and many more). Our times together were the stuff coming of age movies are made of, and I wish we were still as close as we once were. I miss you guys very much, but the memories we made rockin' out will forever be in my heart.

Love, J-Ka What?


LaLa said...

awe, I just loved this. These pics are so great! :)

ps. I'm in love with that sidebar pic of yourself, lovely <3

Elizabeth said...

awe, the good old days!