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12: Dear 'Person I Hate'

I really don't HATE people, it just goes against my attempt to live a happy, positive lifestyle, BUT there are a few people I dislike, one of the up and coming 'really annoying people' is Mr. Glenn Beck.

Dear Glenn Beck,
Please stop writing books and start reading them.
-Left Wing Psychopath aka Jayka


LaLa said...

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE the first part of this post, see that's why we are blog soul mates lol YESS!

Monique said...

LOL...I don't like the word "hate" either...but...sometimes....LOL

Elizabeth said...

i have to agree. i don't hate anyone either :)

that's a positive way to live life!

LaLa said...

hey mama I've been following this blog and I don't know if you ever read it but I thought you would LOVE IT if you haven't already found it :) ENJOY love you