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10: Dear 'I wish we talked more'

I am a sucky friend, I'm sorry. There are too many of you out there that I don't talk to as much as I wish I could sometimes, but the truth is I kind of need some space right now. I don't mean to push you guys away, but my mental and emotional health are pretty fragile and I need some time to get acquainted with the person I have become and the boundaries that I need to set around myself. I wish we could hang out more and talk like before but I must reassess many of my friendship and see which ones were causing me harm, which ones I can grow from, and which ones I can help others grown from. I am hoping once I am done getting myself to a mentally healthy place that some of you will still be there for me. I understand that this is a lot to ask for, but I guess I will know by your presence in the end if our friendship was meant to be or not.

To those of you that I will continue to distance myself from, thank you for all of the memories thus far. I hope you all have lives filled with happiness and love.

-your pal


Elizabeth said...

great post.

LaLa said...

this is me too! :\ what can you do huh lol

i love you chica and I LOVVVE howyou re-did your page I love the background!! <3