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09: Dear Somebody I'd Like to Meet

I will start off by introducing myself to you, I am your daughter in law, Jayka. You know the one out in California married to your amazing son Anthony. I want you to know that you are missing out on getting to know a really fantastic son and his family. Before Anthony and I got married we talked about you a lot. We wondered how it would be explaining to our children why they only had one grandpa, and why we wouldn't have any information to put on half of their family tree projects at school. We talked about the ways we would try to bring you into our life, and how it would be if you would respond to Anthony's attempts to contact you. More than anything we wondered if there were siblings out there for Anthony to get to know, to visit when we vacationed in Mississippi, to be uncles or aunts to our children. Even though you ignored our invitation to be a part of our life, I would really like to meet you. I wonder what traits of yours my husband has inherited, what your family is like, and if you would even come to love us as a part of your family. I really hope all is well in your life, and I pray that whatever it is that you are doing is making you happy and keeping you healthy. I still hold hope that one day we will meet, even if it is only for a quick lunch and awkward conversation, is that really too much to ask for?


Elizabeth said...

wow, this letter is amazing.

LaLa said...

<3 you made me cry