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08: Dear Internet Friend

Lady Lala,
Over the past six months you have become one of my greatest pals. I feel like I "talk" to you more than I do with the people I am twenty minutes away from. Your spirit has trapped me in a wonderful embrace and I am simply drawn to you. Our similarities are pretty amazing, and I am so blessed to hold your friendship. I was beyond trilled when I found out you would be coming to my birthday party, and as excited as I was, I was also nervous. I was afraid that for some reason or another we would not mesh as well in person as we do behind the comfort of our screens and keyboards, but that was not true at all. I felt as if I had known you for years. You are such a special person to me. I feel like I can confide in your more than a lot of the people I have known for ages. There is something special about our friendship that I just cannot explain, and I am so happy that it has come to be. I cannot wait to see you and Aaron again, and maybe even meet Mister Ex. You are a true treasure of a friend and I hope that our friendship continues to grow for all of the years to come, even if you are a Dodgers fan.


Elizabeth said...

awe, how sweet!

LaLa said...

<33 heehee I feel all warm inside lol Thank you love I feel the same way!! love you! and go dodgers lol