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07: Dear Ex Boyfriend/Crush

I have two little words for you... thank you. Unlike other men that I was interested in, you took the time to help me become a better me.  Thank you for expecting more out of me than I knew I had in me. I often describe you as my trainer. You took what was a twenty-something y/o party girl, and you turned me into wife material. Before you came along I had no desire to settle down, no real goals for a future, but you change me. You taught me about self respect, self love, and self discipline. You poked at me and helped me realize the error of my ways, you helped my faith grow, and you always respected me. Although I was heartbroken when our friendship shifted, I now see that things worked out just the way they were meant to. Even when I tried to sabotage my own future you set me straight. I am now the happy wife of a wonderful, sexy, talented man, the type of man that you taught me that I deserved. Finally, I see that. I will always have love for you because you have helped me in so many ways, and my memories with your family are truly something that I will treasure for all of eternity. I am so happy that you made your way out to New York and are doing your thing. I am very proud to have had you in my life, even if it was only for a while. Say hello to your mother for me, she is an incredible woman.

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Elizabeth said...

i have to agree, it let you on to your soul-mate!