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Summer Camp

June. June. June. Oh how I love me some June! I am back from a horrible May and I am hoping the next 30 days brings me nothing but sunshine. Before I get to far ahead of myself, I want to thank my fabulous readers for all of the support over the past rough weeks. You guys really make a difference to me. Also, I am pretty far behind on my 50 questions, so I am just going to scratch that 50 and just get them in when I can.

June News:

  • By the end of this week I will officially be a God-Mother. My husband and I will be baptizing my little cousin Jonas. It is pretty awesome because we will be baptizing him with my Tia Rosa, who is my God-Mother!
  • In two weeks my youngest brother Angel will be graduating from 8th grade and be on his way to HS! Oh my gosh I feel like such an old lady. When I was in HS he used to be in PRE-SCHOOL across the street from my school.
  • In three weeks I will be having my camping birthday party! I turn twenty-eight this year, I guess that confirms that I am getting old. Our friend from Mississippi/Atlanta will be coming down to visit, and my cousins and a few friends will be down to help me celebrate :) I am super excited. I hope that one of my special readers can make it out too!
  • This month will also mark 1 year since we have bought our house!
It seems like goodness should be overflowing this month, I just hope it actually stays that way! Happy June Y'all!


Emma Jade said...

Love the new blog look!
seems like an exciting month!

Elizabeth said...

This post is too cute! i also love the new blog look Jayka. it's adorable!

sheiswinterwest said...

love the post!!! the new look is pretty sweet!

LaLa said...

eek!!! you are oh so amazing! ;) so glad you are looking up, June is going to be great!! I love love love the new layout!! Yay for backyard camping!!!!

Monique said...

What great news!! You're going to be a nina! Cute! And I am loving the newest blog design.

chelsea rebecca said...

you do have so much goodness to look forward to!! thats awesome!
i love the new look too!
CONGRATS on your little cousin and CONGRATS on being a god mother!!