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02: Dear Crush

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I toyed with the idea of writing my crush letter to Mos Def or Hill Harper, but then I got real with it and decided that out of all the beautiful men and women in the world I would still choose you as my number one "crush". You are pretty darn amazing, really silly, and oh-so cute, and I am so happy to be your wife.

Anthony you found me at a very odd time in my life, and you made your way through layers of broken promises, and my bruised heart to get to the real me. I thank you so much for being brave and patient enough to uncover what I was hiding behind all of the pain. You have helped me to become a better person, and each day that we unfold together adds beauty and wisdom to my life.

I love you as a human being. I love you for being so understanding, so kind, and genuine. People always tell me how impressed they are with your honesty. You are who you are, and I love you for being able to stick to your morals and true character. It's hard to find a quality person these days, and I am blessed to have found you.

You are my light. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. You complete me. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, honoring you, and smooching those beautiful lips of yours, and the best part is I know that you feel the same way.

Signed sealed delivered for us to grow together
Love has no limit, let's spend it slow forever
-Common "The Light"


Elizabeth said...

wow. this has to be my favorite letter thus far. it's heart-touching!

LaLa said...

can I jut tell you how much I enjoy you too! you guys are so cute! Truly my inspiration for marriage! <3

ps. YES please join in on the 30 day with me! I'm wayyy behind but o well I wanted to do it, let's set up our own finish date? Let me know! Doing the glasses challenge too lol ;) love you