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It's almost time for my BIRTHDAY!

My birthday is coming up June 21st.  Usually I try to travel on my birthday but this year there was no time or budget for that so I am celebrating it with a joint birthday party with my cousin Becca. I haven't had a birthday party with my family in over 5 years, so it's kind of cool and I am very excited! Now that there is a party family and friends are asking for my birthday wishlist, so I did my best to put one together. I don't think I did that great of a job, it's pretty hard when you're put on the spot like that.

Stuff I know I can't really have but want anyway:
I want Chelsea to make me cupcakes!

I want all of my favorite bloggers to be at my birthday party 
so we can hop in the jump-house together!

I want to take a trip to Costa Rica!

I want face painting at my party :)

Stuff I want and you can make happen:

I have Wreck This Journal and I love it. Since that book I have been
craving more Keri Smith Books. or your local bookstores.
I really love this bike, $88 at walmart. 
It's a 26" Huffy Cranbrook Crusier in Mint Green!

I am a big fan of pretty dresses! 
Target has a great plus size selection, so does Ross! (2X)
and with pretty dresses come cute sandals (8.5/9)

There isn't much on my wishlist folks. Puzzles and Boardgames make me smile. I love trivia games. I always fall in love with things at Cost Plus, Target, Pier 1, Ikea, and Border. I am a nerd for funky office supplies, cookbooks and stuff for the kitchen and arts and crafts kits. Above all I am a sucker for handmade/creative gifts. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into doing something outside of the box!

My favorite colors are green, yellow, and teal. I love stuff designed like or based off of Mexican culture, the colors and the people (Frida, La Virgen, Cesar Chavez, Dia de los Muertos Stuff). I love kit-kats, old books, POSTCARDS, gypsy earrings, cameras, and maps!

I hope I have made your shopping easier, but really no gifts are necessary, just come over eat food and act silly with me :)


LaLa said...

thank you for doing this love <33

Monique said...

You can soooo get a jumper!! LOL that would be awesome!!

chelsea rebecca said...

girrrl its done! tell me the colors and the flavors! hahahaha.
love this post! that dress is too cute! i just love target!!
i got a wreck this journal for a friend for their birthday and i really wanted it for myself.. i might have to go get it now!!

Elizabeth said...

I would also want chelsea to make me cupcakes! They look delicious + cute. Your wish list is simple yet cute. I like it a lot. I'm also a big fan of dresses!

JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Your "Stuff I know I can't really have but want anyway" list makes me smile ohh, so much. :] I love jumping in the bounce things... aaand I love cupcakes and face painting. Following. :]