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Hey Readers!

I must admit that I am a horrible at following people and getting around to new blogs. I see you guys in the google follower block, but I really hate how you have to click and then click again and some of you don't even have links to click, soooooo I was hoping you guys could help me get to know you and get to know you blogs. If you would like to share with me please just leave a comment on this post with you blog url and a simple fact about you. Next week is my last week before I go back to temping so I will have some time to get around to your blogs!

I am sorry I suck. :(


JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Hey, Jayka. My name is Jennifer, and I write about everything that has to do with my life. One fact about me is I love photography, art, and music. I can't wait for you to start reading my blog, because I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks again for following!

Ashley R said...

I've always hated the clicking on the picture to click on the profile to click on the link to finally get to the's so unnecessary!

But anyway, I'm Ashley and I write because it gives me a sane outlet for all the insanity of life. There's no real theme to my blog except for some bad sarcasm and a lot of lists.

(PS. I referenced your blog once in my post! I thought I left you a comment to let you know, but I'm not sure I did. It was referencing your self-love project. Here's the link, if you want to see it:

Anika said...

Hi Jayka :)

hope you are well :) Ì`m Anika and I am blogging about chlothes and fashion and self respect and celebration of curves :)

would love for u to surf over!

xxx Anika