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Fun times with CRAZY kids!

At the beginning of the month Anthony and I baptized little Jonas, and since he is now officially our godson we figured we need to start the spoiling a little bit (that is what godparents do right?) Friday morning Jonas' mommy aka my cousin Stephanie made the drop and I got lucky with two awesome kids for a couple of days!

There is this little spot in Monterey called MY Museum, I had never been there, but it looked cool, so we stopped on by and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of entertainment that little space held. We, well really they, got to do a little golfing, they played dress up and preformed on stage, saved a "dead boy", and were put inside of a bubble!

It was the cutest thing ever, my little godson asked me how the little boy died, and how he could save him. The "dead boy", as he went on to call him the rest of the afternoon, was a CPR dummy they had in the back of a play ambulance. We made up a story together, totally guided by his imagination, about how the boy was eating too fast and started to choke. There was nobody there to help the boy so he fell to the floor and died. Magically someone called the ambulance and he was being rushed to the hospital where his mom and dad where, and everything would be okay. Even on the drive home Jonas was asking me questions about the dead boy. I must show you who we are talking about.

After seeing this picture, it does seem a little creepy that they would be a life size child on the stretcher. Anywho, the fun didn't stop there, after exhausting their chaparone out at the museum we headed over to the park for some intese running in the sand and chases around the playground! Okay, okay... I admit it, it was a whole lot of fun! I took them to the playground I used to love when I was a little one.

Yup, that is Dennis the Menace!! and this is the coolest playground in all of Monterey County!! We ran, jumped, slid, and hopped around every structure and through every tunnel we could find until my legs were burning and I was able to convince them that the bookstore would be way cooler than the red bumpy slide and the swirly tower. Don't ask how I did it, but we somehow ended up on the floor of borders reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? I see a Red Bird looking at me! Yay for me!

Before I knew it four thirty rolled around and it was time to pick up the hubby! Once Anthony got in the car Jonas told him how dirty our car was and suggested that we take it to the clean house with the things that go bbbbrrrrrrrrrbuurrrrrr, he was talking about the drive-thru car wash at the gas station. We fulfilled his wish like any good godparents would do and we drove on through the car wash. Aaliyah woke up just in time to see the rollers go over her window. It's amazing how adults dreaded chores brings such joy to the youngsters.

We closed off the night with a little movie watching and a whole lot of monkey impersonations. I finally got to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and we also watched Parenthood. I was shocked at how adult oriented it was, yet it was listed under family comedy on Netflix!

This morning, technically yesterday, we visited our local amusement park. I had never been to Gilroy Gardens because it sounded borrrring, but we tried it out and ended up having a great time! They have a lot more rides than I expected, and all but three of them were perfect for their age groups. They were so brave getting on all of the rides, they even made me suck it up and get on the ferris wheel. Anthony & I loved the park so much that we bought ourselves season passes! I am hoping that my brother and sister-in-law will let us take our niece and nephew there this season! Anywho, too much fun to describe, I will just leave you with a small photo dump of our time at the park. Oh and a must share tweet that came from my cousin Stephanie once we passed the kids back to her:
Jonas told me I can go on a far away adventure past Salinas to see a white guy standing with a sign.
The white guy being referenced in the tweet is actually a garlic mascot on the entrance sign to the park, Gilroy is the Garlic capital of the WORLD! so yeah, enjoy the pics.


Alyssa said... its a GIANT operation game!! thats awesome!!

LaLa said...

I cried a little! This is to sweet and too cute for words!!! <3


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

oh wow- thats the biggest version of operation ive ever seen!! so cool