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Foster/Adopt Update

We are pretty much all they way done with the prep part of the fost/adopt program, and we are ready to have a child all up in our stuff! This Thursday we got a call from our caseworker and she told us there was a 4 month old boy up in the Bay Area and she was wondering if were interested. We gave her a list of questions for her to ask his social worker, then spent all of Thursday night what-if'ing and I think it took me twenty minutes to plan this child's whole future if he became part of our family.

The next day our worker called us back and gave us news that the child is actively reunifying with his mother, which mean that there is a good chance he won't become eligible for adopting and we could end up just fostering. Fostering is great and all, but our end goal is to adopt so weren't a match.

I think it's finally is clicking that this is really going to happen one day soon, and I am starting to get nervous about how emotional this journey will be. We knew this coming in, but now we are actually living it. Crazy-Crazy-Crazy.

With this all coming so much closer to our reality I figured I would go ahead and outline some basics on what I will and will not be allowed to blog about, and some of the Foster/Adoption terms.

While we are fostering we cannot share any personal information about the child or his/her family, this includes their name, and any pictures showing them. I hope to keep you all in the loop because you guys mean a lot to me and this is such an important part of our life, so I will do my best. I plan on using nicknames for the children and I am taking a look at some other foster parents blogs to get some tips.

Once we actually adopt I am almost positive this blog will turn into a daily photo dump, I think that's what parents do right?!?

As far as the process and terms here are a few for you:
A "Free" Child is someone who already has had their parental rights terminated and is currently eligible for adoption. Reunification is when the parent is doing whatever court ordered therapy or rehab there is to be done so that they can get their children back.

The process  for us would be foster a child while their parent is going through reunification, but the state doesn't think that the parent will successfully complete their process, and after that we have to file for termination of parental rights, there will be several court hearing and finally they will become free. Once they are free to adopt we must wait about 6 months before we can legally adopt and we become their forever family.

We are focusing on children who have a better chance of not being returned to their parents because it is so emotional that we want to protect ourselves as much as we can. Even if we think that we are being safer with our choice there is always the chance the parent will pull it together and get their child back. Which is always a good thing, but we have to be prepared for the pain and joy and the guilt for the pain.

It's pretty crazy, and I guess we are just going to have to take it as it comes.


Monique said... are where my hubby and I want to be one day. We definitely want to adopt. I think adoption is an amazing thing. There are so many children out there that need homes. God bless you and your hubby. You two are in my prayers. xoxo

Emma Jade said...

you're such an inspiration! I hope everything works out for you, i really do!

Elizabeth said...

adopting/having a child is the most wonderful feeling in the world. You and your hubby are lucky! You will be great parents!