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Birthday Wrap Up

So I haven't had a chance to decompress from my hectic birthday weekend, until now. I am back at the local bookstore getting all the free wi-fi and Chai Tea Lattes I can handle, and FINALLY have some time to post :) YAY ME!!

I must start off by saying the week went by much smoother and happier than I could have ever imagined. Our friend Tony flew in from Atlanta on Thursday and Friday my cousin Becca and I took him out on a tour of Monterey. It was kind of strange at first because he is my husband's best friend, but my husband had to work, so I was hoping Tony wouldn't dread his time with the wife, but all went well. We had an entertaining night hanging out with my cousins that Friday at our local pub. It wasn't until today that I realized I didn't take any pictures of Tony!

Saturday was the big day and we spent the morning shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and in the afternoon we got to party the rest of the day away. I was super excited because my blog bestie, Ms. Lala, was expected to make an appearance. As I was getting all of the kids to hit the pinata in walked the lovely Elle, and I totally freaked out. I knew she was coming, but actually seeing her was like a totally different feeling :). Lucky her, she got to witness me murder my beautiful donkey pinata, really it was the cutest pinata I had ever seen! That night everyone camped out in our backyard and made my silly idea of a camping party come true! Thanks guys for sacrificing your comfy beds for a night under the stars. (I also suck and didn't take any pictures at my b-day party, I AM SO SAD!)

On my actual birthday my husband took me out to Sapporo's in Monterey, it's a Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse place. The food was yummy and the show was a lot of fun. Our chief had some awesome egg tricks, as well as a onion volcano, and our date was topped off with a stop to Cold Stone where I had the Birthday Cake Remix. YUM!

and on my birthday I had recieved a ton of awesome dresses, so for our date I wore this beautiful purple strapless dress that Lala got for me, and the earrings too! I felt so beautiful and comfortable, it was amazing.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and for rockin' out at the party :)


JAY-J!™ NGUYEN said...

Once again, I'm glad you had fun. :] And these pictures are amazing.

LaLa said...

<333 awe love I'm so glad you have a wonderful bday, you deserve it!! I love that dress you are wearing in the last photo ;) love you mama

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a wonderful day on your birthday. You look lovely and that cake looks yummy!

sheiswinterwest said...

glad you enjoyed your bday! i'm happy you met lala i can't wait to meet her! she's abs. amazing! you looked amazing in that dress!