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06: Dear Stranger

It's almost as if I know you, yet we have never met. You walked on by, in and out of cars and stores. I saw your face, I saw your sorrow. I wish there were something I could do for you, but I wouldn't know where to begin. I see that you have been hurt before, I can tell because you do not act not like the others. What makes you do what you are doing? Maybe I am just too judgmental about the whole situation, but you break my heart. I wish I would have told you that you were beautiful and that I wanted to help you find another way. I wish I could have stopped you from getting in that car with that man. I wish I could have hugged you and made you feel safe. You were just another stranger walking by my window, but your aching soul touched me and I will never forget your face. I pray that you are living better today, and if I ever see you again I promise to smile and wish you a good day.


Elizabeth said...

awe, i empathize with you.

LaLa said...

this is so good, I haven't done this one yet, I was too busy yesterday to post :\ gotta get on it! I love it tho