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Tia Rosa + Costa Rica + Love

What a weekend! I have been pretty darn busy these past couple of days, and I have totally fallen behind on my 50 questions. Over the next few days I will be playing catch up, but I do have a lot planned, so we will see how often I get to my blogging!
Anywho, I am sorry to do this to you, but I am going to play Q&A with myself for a min.

Q11: What small act of kindness where you once shown that you will never forget?
I think it would have to be the power of a kind word. I have an aunt who growing up was always very encouraging, and so loving. She is the type of person to send you thank you cards, or just little things in the mail. She taught me how simple it can be to make someone feel loved. My Tia Rosa is just really awesome like that. I know that a lot of the little things I do, I have picked up from her.

Q12: Where would you most like to go and way?
Really I want to go everywhere, but right now if I could only pick one place it would be Costa Rica. I want to spend some time in a rain-forest, near the beach, and just live off of the land for a week. I love feeling connected to the earth, and when I picture my perfect peaceful place I imagine it being in Costa Rica.

Q13: Is it more important to love what you do or do what you love?
I would say love what you do. The reality of this world is that we don't always get first pick at what we do because of real life situations, but it is important to find joy in all of the things we do. If we can learn to love the place we are in and the tasks that we must do, then we can all be happier, healthier people. I have learned that if we stay focused on what we know we love, we never develop the appreciation and love for new experiences. Also, sometimes we think we know what we want/love, but we try something new/unexpected and find out we love that even more. It's all about staying grounded, but keeping an open mind.


Monique said...

Look at you all Pretty in your wedding pic!! Awwwwww!

Elizabeth said...

great q&a and i love the wedding photo. you look beautiful!

LaLa said...

heehee I LOVE IT!! you are so wonderful!!! <3

ps I had a dream about you last night and I think it's because the package I sent you last week came back to me :(