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Talent, Inspiration, My Brother

Growing up I was always really close to my four brothers, but one in particular really bonded with me, Mr. Eric! My brother Eric just vibed out to the same stuff as I did, and we enjoyed the same hobbies, from music, to photography, right up to dancing, and loving nature. I like to think that early on I was a great inspiration for him, and now he is such an inspiration for me. Anywho, he just opened up his blog, so I am begging you all to stop by and show him a little love, and make sure you follow, I know it will be good!

His Flickr: /eric-montoya
A few photos by my brother:

Oh yeah! We also started a brother-sister project blog, for our random photography/art projects. Check it out & favorite it: lovelaughshoot.blogspot


LaLa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing! WE must be friends! Thanks for sharing him lol a family full of talent, I'm in love!

Elizabeth said...

I follow your brother on Flickr and i must say i am in love with his work. he captures true beauty through his lens. i would love to meet him, and you one day!


Emma Jade said...

your bro is super cool! that second photo is fantastic! I'd like a print for my room!