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No Shame, No Fear, No Regrets

Q3: What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
I would start off by wearing dresses everyday, and I am pretty sure I would have skinny dreads. I imagine that I would have the guts to put up our own artwork in our home, and I don't think that I would make our bed as often as I do. I would totally get a half sleeve tattoo on my left arm, it would be of the Virgen de Guadalupe, but it would be done Dia De Los Muertos style, with lots of colors, and my grandma's and mom's names in a banner under her and it would be freakn awesome, and I would pierce my nose. Other than that, I would pretty much be living the same way as I am now. Oh, maybe I would do open mic on a poetry night!


Elizabeth said...

DO IT! we only live once. if this is what you want to do and it's going to make you happy, by all means go ahead. i recently got a tattoo on the left side of my chest and my mother freaked. the old me would of cried but i stood up for myself. this is what i wanted and i got it. BE HAPPY Jessica. by the way, i did the picture favorite post and i linked you :)

LaLa said...

Have I told you have much I love that you are doing this... you are amazing, I can't tell you that enough! and I agree with Liz DO IT! life is too short to be anything less then you want to be <3 I always wanted dreads too, always! and I had my nose pierced

Jayka said...

you guys are so awesome for all of your support! ur my first blog buddies, and you will forever hold a special spot of my heart :)

Arlin said...

I totally agree.... If I did't work in an office that being professional is such an issue... I would love to have a sleeve, and wear loose comfy pants and but your blog is lovely it inspires me to be more myself everyday.