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When I grow up

Q4: If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
I would be a kindergarten teacher, spend my summers working in Costa Rica teaching English,and I'd be a freelance journalist and photographer! That is assuming my smile would have paid my way through college! Really, the jobs that would make me happy would also be enough to pay the bills, the problem I run into is school. I between my husband's art colleges, and my tech school loans, we will be paying off our education longer than we will be paying off our house. That makes it really hard for me to pick up and go to school AGAIN. I know it is not impossible, but it would be really hard right now, plus the job I had was very enjoyable. I like doing office work, and I am good at it, but I have always had the desire to teach. Maybe one day I will get to write MRS. TAYLOR on a black/white-board.

I think once we complete the foster/adopt program I would say I'd be happy being a stay at home mom! I could totally run a daycare out of our home, and we would do lots of fun arts & crafts project :)


LaLa said...

brilliant~~ such a dream, it's something we share as well, that would be the perfect life for me.. now if we could only stay in school ;) maybe we should do the buddy system ..

Elizabeth said...

I agree. this is the profession i wanted to pursue also but with the economy, who can?

if it's something you love, go for it. nothing can stop you!