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Liberal Tree Hugging Goodness!

I just finished watching one of the most inspirational documentaries that I have seen in a while, No Impact Man! It was great, I am a sucker for docs, I could seriously watch them all day, but this one made me laugh and cry and want to be a better human. Check out the trailer.

Earlier in the week I had posted up a blog, but shortly removed it, I felt like it was too "Jessy-Do-Right" and I got embarrassed. After watching this film I totally felt like what I had said earlier in the week wasn't preaching, it was important, at least to me. I know I have some tree-hugging veggie eating readers out there that I could totally see being inspired by this. The whole documentary is about this dude and his family living a sustainable life, trying to live impact free for a year in New York City.

Very awesome film, very awesome idea, and I will definitely be taking a second look at the impact that my lifestyle is causing. Just using the Eat Well widget I added to my sidebar I was able to find a ton of places that use only local sustainable goods, and I talked to one of the Farmers Market Managers and she said they are starting back up this month, so I am super excited about that! I see changes coming in the future, but first lots of research to make sure I attack this in the right way.

Thanks loves for all of your support and feedback, you guys make this whole blogging this so much more fun that just me talking to myself!

Keep on keeping on my loves!

ps// Also watched Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore this week, it's another good one folks!

You may now return to pretty dresses and pink cupcakes!

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Elizabeth said...

wow, i will definitely need to see this documentary, looks interesting!