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Just Live

Q14: If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
Recognize each day as a blessing and live it to it's fullest potential. Last night my husband received a phone call from his friend's mother telling him that she had passed away. They attended college together in Chicago, she came down to California and was in our wedding party, she was always so full of life, so joyful, so excited about just living. Now that she has passed it brings comfort knowing that she spent her time on Earth living each day to it's fullest potential, and it feels so good to know that about her. Sometimes times like these shake us up a bit, wake us up from our daily robotic life style, and remind us to truly LIVE.
"Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life. You don't have to live forever. You just have to live. And she did." -Tuck Everlasting


LaLa said...

you are amazing I LOVE YOU!!

this is such a great and wonderful answer and post! <3

Elizabeth said...

Great answer! i live everyday like this and i love the quote. this is very true.